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Blog Update: Feb 28, 2010

So it's been a few weeks since we've really updated the site, but now as we have started production - it's time to start on regular updates! We've started slow with filming but over the next few weeks we'll be updating the site regularly with pics, screen caps and a few more behind the scenes surprises along the way... :)

As most other movie productions, we've ended up having to reschedule and relocate pushing back a bit of our shoot dates. However this relocation is definitely working out for the better for us and through March and April we will be filming quite a bit at this new location. Plus after our current script re-write, this change has definitely brought a new side and a few new twists to our story!

With our first shoot date, our first shoot contained a painfully thought up "glory hole" scene and a suspension performance by Body Anthology later within the night. While spending a few extra hours on the "glory hole" scene we had put the fx guys in Screamline through a bit of extra torture with this not so "glory hole" idea. Several hours and a LOT of blood later we ended up with a very successful severing and making a huge mess to go with it. Plus as we had shot this scene without the help of cutaways, this scene will definitely be one that will be hard to forget once the final edit is in place.

Here's the basic math version of said shoot:
glory hole + hammer/nail + coat hanger + hedge clippers = quite painful experience

After that we had set up and shot a suspension performance with Body Anthology - meat hooks, flesh skewers and forked tongues, oh my!

Hooked separately and then tied to each other, two select members of the Body Anthology crew were facing opposite directions pulling against each other to see who would win this flesh tug of war. With the hooks pulling and extending the flesh each side went against each other to see who had more strength and more determination to reach their own goal. Along side of that, one of the artists also put a flesh skewer through his cheek while still being able to stretch out his surgically forked tongue and flicking it at us.

A bit later after the tug of war the Body Anthology crew then, while still having the hooks in, hooked themselves to a spinning rig and spun around a bit in what was called a Vertical Suicide Suspension. Via the hooks that were still connected through the flesh in their upper backs and would contiue to spin them in circles as they kept their momentum up. With the metal in their flesh, their skin and muscles pulling and blood dripping out, it was quite a visual to observe.

Below are a few of the "glory hole" and suspension pics - sorry we don't have much more, but we can't give it all away now can we? :p

Past those (un)pleasantries, we had also worked with a close friend of ours, artist Eric Freeman. Eric (also known as Darklord10000000) has a bit of a flare for the "dark arts" and a bit of an anti-religious and very open social standpoint with his thought and artworks. With that, we had approached Eric. Within talking to him on the idea, he was very interested to get involved as - how often do you really get asked to be a priest in a movie anyway? :p

With Eric's overflowing collection of religious items (statues, crosses and even church pews) his location choice was perfect for these shoots. With very little lighting and a bit of color added in, we started shooting a bit of silent footage for the flashback sequence.

These comfortable colors and uncomfortable images make for an amazing shoot and the video came out perfect and these stills (although not as intense as the video) show a bit about what the flashback will contain as we will disclose a bit more details on where the flashback will be inserted later.

But check out a few of the stills from the flashback shoots below

Past that we've gotten a few scenes down, relocation and rewrite taken care of and we'll be shooting again on Mar 7 with the live performances of Incantation and another special guest to be announced!

Be sure to check back after the 7th for more pics and more insanity coming through! :)

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