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Afterparty Massacre 2 Disc DVD

On Oct 11 the Afterparty Massacre will finally be released! This independently released 2 Disc release is filled with blood, guts and severed body parts filmed in HD for the ultimate in splatter vision!

Twisted - Brutal and Totally Original!
Aaron Crowell - Horrorhound Magazine

It’s a balls out, bloody/gory, foul-mouthed beast of an indie horror film.
Wes -

“Fans of metal and indie horror films are in for a treat - Goretastically insane!”

More fun than a decapitation scene, and ten times as brutal!
Albert Mudrian - Decibel Magazine

After Party Massacre is a pulse-pounding - expertly shot film... The filmmakers accomplish in their first film what others take years to pound out.
Kristy Jett - Fright-Rags

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This release is a two sided DVD:
Death (side a): The full movie with limited live performances
Metal (side b): The full movie with live performances from Incantation and Soulless (exclusively for metal fans)

The After Party Massacre centers around a mysterious female fan - Scarlett - who attends a live performance by the metal bands Incantation and Soulless. At this show - Scarlett soon found herself thrown into the dark depths of torture and depravity showing what happens when you push - an already damaged mind - too far.

During this show - Scarlett encounters a forcibly rough fan that had followed her into an empty corner of the venue. During this altercation she has flashbacks of a dark past and it transforms her into a bloodthirsty killer on a mission to kill her attacker plus anyone and everyone else in her way (friend - fan and foe alike) until only a pile of bodies is left within this bloody massacre.

With Scarlett being as patient and calculating as she is torturous and demented - her killing spree is a precise and bloody massacre to witness.

Filled with sex - metal and an unpredictable killer who uses an arsenal of axes - sex toys - box cutters and power saws as her tools of torture and dismemberment - the After Party Massacre is a huge blood filled splatterfest that is too brutal to miss!

The DVD is also filled with a (slightly drunken) directors commentary - Incantation live video for Lead to Desolation featuring footage shows from all over the US and Europe - Horrorhound's own Aaron Crowell's short film Necro-Besti-Philiac - a commercial and some bonus hidden easter eggs!

Run time for the full length version is 77 minutes

Along with this splatter fest the soundtrack is filled by death metal and industrial favorites 16volt - Acheron - Asphyx - Banised From Inferno - Be My Enemy - Cardiac Arrest - Cyanotic - Defcon - Denial Fiend - Divine Eve - Estuary - Everything Goes Cold - Fatalist - Feral - Funerus - Goreaphobia - Gravehill - Incantation - Keratoma - Left Spine Down - Lifeless - Master - Soulless and Ventana!

Be sure to pick up the Limited Edition bloodsplatter 7 inch split vinyl record with Incantation/Denial Fiend and the Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack that is also available with 12 unreleased and exclusive tracks from the bands listed above!

Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack CD
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The Afterparty Massacre soundtrack is full of blood - guts and metal! With 12 exclusive tracks from Incantation - Denial Fiend - Cardiac Arrest (2 tracks) - Fatalist - Estuary - Gravehill - Goreaphobia - Funerus - Soulless - Feral and Lifeless - this soundtrack is a must have for metal fans!

The soundtrack also includes movie samples - a new live Incantation track - live videos and a full color 19 inch tall double sided poster inside!

All CDs ordered on will be sent in a limited edtion red jewel case and also signed by the directors (Kyle Severn of Incantation and Kristoff Bates) of the Afterparty Massacre.

Track List:
01. stairway to hell (sample)
02. denial fiend - afterparty massacre
03. i want to be good (sample)
04. incantation - absolved in blood
05. estuary - impulse imprint
06. sawwhores (sample)
07. gravehill - if you want blood (ac-dc cover)
08. goreaphobia - organ donor
09. flower power (sample)
10. cardiac arrest - decomposed in no man's land
11. potty mouth (sample)
12. soulless - bleed you dry
13. the afterparty (sample)
14. feral - necrofilthiac
15. funerus - reduced to sludge
16. the massacre (sample)
17. fatalist - beyond the unholy grave (death cover)
18. killer hottie (sample)
19. lifeless - death to the bone
20. rain in blood (sample)
21. kyle from incantation had to take a piss
22. incantation - absolved in blood [live]
23. cardiac arrest - rotting creator

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Afterparty Massacre Incantation/Denial Fiend 7 Inch Split Record
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Limited Edition Incantation/Denial Fiend 7 inch record now available at!

Two brand new songs from Incantation (Absolved in Blood) and Denial Fiend (Afterparty Massacre) now available on blood splattered white vinyl (limited to 666) or black fucking metal vinyl!

Cover art depecits one of the imfamous kill scenes within the Afterparty Massacre and comes with a fold out poster of Kyle Severn of Incantation before meeting his demise from the killer of the Afterparty Massacre!

Pick this 7 inch up now at!

Featuring live performances by:

Plus songs by:

Plus suspension performances and artwork by:

On Set FX work and props from:

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