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Teaser Press Release - July, 2010
Interview by: Cassandra Baun

Giving a new twist to horror, the Afterparty Massacre, brings metal, blood and gore back to the screen! Written by Kristoff ( and Kyle Severn (Incantation, Acheron, and other various band projects), Afterparty Massacre is one killer party with mind-blowing amounts of blood, metal and flesh!

The Afterparty Massacre centers around live performances by Incantation and Soulless and reaches into the dark depths of torture and depravity showing what happens when you push, an already damaged mind, too far. During the show they encounter a mysterious female fan, that has a run in with an ex-boyfriend who gets a little rough. During this altercation she has flashbacks of a dark past and transforming into a bloodthirsty killer on a mission to kill anyone and everyone in her way until no one is left. "She loves waiting for the perfect moment to attack her victims. Her bloodlust can not be contained and within the final scenes she unleashes her wrath on the band as well as the crowd until no one is left standing!" Kristoff mentions.

Some of the creative kills within this movie include: power sawing of limbs, beatings by a double ended dildo, a vibrator sledge hammered through a victims head as it vibrates on the floor, severed private parts, a "raining blood" slit throat kill scene and many more interesting kill scenes that spill gallons of blood within the feature.

The soundtrack itself is a major part of this production including bands such as: 16volt, Acheron, Asphyx, Cardiac Arrest, Crucifier, Cyanotic, Defcon, Denial Fiend, Divine Eve, Estuary, Everything Goes Cold, Fatalist, Funerus, Goreaphobia, Gravehill, Keratoma, Lifeless, Luxury Pushers, Master, Pentacle, Ventana and many more! Incantation will be performing new exclusive songs within the movie, while Denial Fiend, Gravehill, Cardiac Arrest, Goreaphobia, and a few other bands will have unreleased exclusive tracks for this feature as well. "The music is just as important to this movie as the blood and gore." Kyle mentions. "The music itself really makes the scenes, it really completes the soundscape for a total massacre. We will be releasing a CD soundtrack of the bands featured in the movie via Ibex Moon around the time of the release of the film as well."

Along with the overdose on blood, metal, and booze comes the sideshow aspect as well. "We've 'hooked up' with a suspension crew and we're bringing in a few friends of ours to do up some piercing and suspension performances as well." adds Kristoff. "We wanted to bring in these dangerous aspects within this subculture that don't always get the most attention. We'll have guys suspended by meat hooks flying through the air, guys with split tongues, all sorts of different body modifications and performance piercings everywhere! Having this dangerous attraction will be a great addition to this movie for sure, and the best part is that IT IS a real event that we are filming!"

The film is to be shot during 2010, with a tentative spring 2011 date in open markets. "With Incantation planning a spring tour, we figured this would be the absolute best time for the release. Tons of black/death metal and lots of blood, it's an ideal release date for this movie!" mentions Kyle in regards to the release of the film.

Look for both the Afterparty Massacre movie and CD Soundtrack due out in Best Buy soon!

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