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Blog Update: Mar 17, 2010

Well as we finished the first shoot at our new location, we accomplished quite a bit of filming within 14 hours. Two full performances by the bands Incantation and Soulless, a fight scene, a bunch of bar dialogue and also a bonus scene that was a last minute story write-in and we're still seeing if it's TOO over the top to put into the movie.

As the day we had a bunch of extras arrive as we had shot all of our live footage for both Incantation and Soulless. The bands played full sets for the crowd and we ended up with plenty of footage with both bands. We have so much footage for the bands that we might even end up putting some bonus performance footage on the DVD/Soundtrack as well!

But here's a BTS/Teaser video of the first parts of filming we've already finished so you can check that out and see the chaos and fun that ensued within this filming of these first bits of footage...

Also here's a few stills of the INCANTATION/SOULLESS performance as well.

Stay tuned for more as we are shooting all through March/April but now with more blood and gore!


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