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Blog Update: July 27, 2010

So it's been a few months (4, to be exact) since we last updated the photo/video blogs... so where to begin?

We had a party - cut off arms with a power saw, slit some throats, bashed a girls head in with a double ended dildo, cut off a leg, sledge hammered a vibrator through a girls head as her head then vibrated on the floor. Then we had another party - killed a stripper, cut off a leg, bashed someones head in with a hammer and drove around a bunch trying to get all of this together... it's definitely been a long 4 months, even for independent movie shooting... and we still have more to go! :p

Also within there we went to Maryland Deathfest to do some promo work there... and also did an interview with Horrorhound Magazine as well. So we definitely haven't been slacking here with shooting new footage for the movie.

More shoots are on the way in Cleveland and in Pittsburgh to finish up the movie so we'll hopefully be done shooting by the end of Sept so we can finally get on with editing and a Spring 2011 release.

Side Note: Summer 2010 was a bit too close for us to film, edit and press this movie. But we are currently working on a full spring 2011 tour with Incantation and we still have our distribution into Best Buy. So we are definitely going to take our time to make a movie and packaging that you will be able to pick up come spring! So keep on the look out for tour and release date info! :)

In the meantime, below are a few screen caps from our cameras of footage we've shot, so enjoy as we will have another video blog and a new (more work safe) trailer here shortly!


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