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Afterparty Massacre
Soundtrack CD

Incantation/Denial Fiend
7 Inch Vinyl Record Split

The Afterparty Massacre soundtrack is full of blood - guts and metal! With 12 exclusive tracks from Incantation - Denial Fiend - Cardiac Arrest (2 tracks) - Fatalist - Estuary - Gravehill - Goreaphobia - Funerus - Soulless - Feral and Lifeless - this soundtrack is a must have for metal fans!

The soundtrack also includes movie samples - a new live Incantation track - live videos and a full color 19 inch tall double sided poster inside!

All CDs ordered on will be sent in a limited edtion red jewel case and also signed by the directors (Kyle Severn of Incantation and Kristoff Bates) of the Afterparty Massacre.

Track List:
01. stairway to hell (sample)
02. denial fiend - afterparty massacre
03. i want to be good (sample)
04. incantation - absolved in blood
05. estuary - impulse imprint
06. sawwhores (sample)
07. gravehill - if you want blood (ac-dc cover)
08. goreaphobia - organ donor
09. flower power (sample)
10. cardiac arrest - decomposed in no man's land
11. potty mouth (sample)
12. soulless - bleed you dry
13. the afterparty (sample)
14. feral - necrofilthiac
15. funerus - reduced to sludge
16. the massacre (sample)
17. fatalist - beyond the unholy grave (death cover)
18. killer hottie (sample)
19. lifeless - death to the bone
20. rain in blood (sample)
21. kyle from incantation had to take a piss
22. incantation - absolved in blood [live]
23. cardiac arrest - rotting creator

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Listen to these Youtube song sound bytes and watch the HD trailers below

Click here to watch Cardiac Arrest - Rotting Creator on Youtube

Click here to watch Denial Fiend - Afterparty Massacre on Youtube

Click here to watch Fatalist - Beyond the Unholy Grave (Death cover) on Youtube

Click here to watch Feral - Necrofilthiac on Youtube

Click here to watch Funerus - Reduced to Sludge on Youtube

Click here to watch Gravehill - If You Want Blood (AC/DC cover) on Youtube

Click here to watch Incantation - Absolved In Blood on Youtube

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